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Incorporate movement and fitness in a nurturing, fun and safe environment to enhance the lives of children and young adults with all abilities.


Our Objectives

  • Develop a healthy lifestyle and positive self-esteem in the youth of today
  • Provide information and direction on fitness and basic nutrition education in an engaging environment
  • Teach motor skills that are fundamental to physical activity through participation and a fun regiment
  • Promote socialization through fun participation based obstacle courses
  • Teach children, and their families, the value, enjoyment and life-long benefit of physical activity
  • Create a special place that is exciting, fun and safe, where children will want to achieve their goals and embrace a positive lifestyle change
  • Promote socialization through fun participation based obstacle course

Jason Cratty- Program Director

Charles DeFrancesco- Assistant Program Director/ Education Director

Denise Groothuis- Chief Financial Officer

Carmine LaManna -Lead Instructor

Gina Stallone- Instructor

Frank LaRusso-Instructor

Steve Sarno- Education Administrator

Ashley Santoro-Instructor

Amy Pellon-Instructor

Other Services

  • Private 30, 45, 60-minute sessions
  • Group Obstacle Course
  • Group Sessions
  • Massage Therapy
  • Dietitian Consultation
  • Adult Training
  • Memberships

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No. We work with children and adults of all abilities and offer discounted training sessions to parents and caregivers.


The obstacle course contains several unique stations to improve physical activity. These fun challenges are entertaining and help to build and to improve gross and fine motor skills while incorporating new forms of active play.

Yes. You will get a invoice sent your email after service.

Text or call your trainer ASAP.  If you child is feeling ill the night before, please email or call your trainer.

In the main parking lot

Yes, we offer special memberships for parents and caregivers.  You can ask your trainer for pricing.



5 pack of lessons

10 pack of lessons

Wear sneakers and comfortable workout clothing. 

Bring your intake form if you haven’t emailed it to your trainer before hand.

30 minute

45 minute

1 Hour

We will conduct a fitness evaluation with your child to determine how your child learns best and how they respond to certain exercise.

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What Our Families are Saying

My son Steven, who has Autism, has been working with Jason and Gina, both of whom are wonderful, since the spring. Steven has fun while improving his coordination and motor skills. They also work on language and social skills when another child is incorporated into the session. He looks forward to his sessions and has given him more confidence.
My son Elias started with Fit4Fun a little over a month ago. We are so pleased on how well he is doing in such a short amount of time. Carmine is an amazing instructor. He is so patient and kind while working with Elias. Carmine drives Elias to communicate during each lessons which is helping Elias practice his language skills as well. We are beyond thrilled we found this program.
Both my children are a part of Fit4Fun. Carmine has been working with my son who is 13 and has Autism. He is so patient, so loving with my son and has really got him to make strides. My son has low muscle tone, posture issues, sensory etc and Carmine has not only helped him to improve but also identifies his needs at large. Jason is great with communication, helps to meet your every need and is very flexible. They are their to please and it’s all about the children. I was personally referred to them by a friend who couldn’t say enough about them. I now have my daughter who is 12 going to Fit4Fun to help her to improve on her endurance and flexibility for her future golf career. I see an amazing difference in both my children and Fit4Fun has now become a family affair. I would highly recommend them to anyone and the special needs world is especially grateful to have them.
Jonathan has been training with Jason (Fit4fun) for 4 months now. The progress in my son’s physical abilities in this short period of time is absolutely incredible! What years of physical therapy in various places could not achieve, Jason has managed to breakthrough and guide Jonathan to accomplish! These workouts are not just routine trainings, there is thought and work put into what Jonathan’s specific needs are and each session is different as Jon continues to improve. This program has also given Jonathan the confidence and encouragement that he can/will accomplish anything. (The right guidance is key! ) I am extremely grateful for the handful of instructors in our journey that have the unique combined gifts of patience, knowledge, compassion, and passion to see our children succeed. This is what stands out in comparison to other programs. Thank you Fit4fun!
Will has been working with Jason for a few months now. Jason has seen him at his best and worst. Today, Will’s anxiety was preventing him from getting out of the car. Jason came outside and convinced him to join him in the gym. With patience,understanding, flexibility and positive reinforcement Will was able to have some fun. Jason is amazing at what he does. We are lucky to have found him!
Our son Conor has worked with Jason for a little over half a year. In that time Conor has made huge strides due to Jason’s willingness and ability to adapt his program based on the individual needs of the student he is training. His almost Zen approach to his craft allows him to pivot in anticipation of his students individual challenges that can vary session to session. He is highly recommended.
Fit4Fun has been wonderful for my 6 year old boy. He asks for his instructors every week and looks forward to his next training session. Jason and Carmine are super talented and have incredible patience and knowledge of the special needs community. I have looked years for a place like this, where my son can feel accepted and challenged. I highly recommend!!